What is IPACY?

January 21, 2010

Project IPACY

Implementing preventive actions for children and youth

An introduction

Who we are

Mission Possible was created in 2002 in Paris by Claude Beau, then a Juvenile Court Judge. Its action is based on a simple principle : helping the most at-risk, underprivileged children with the difficulties they face today is the best way to prevent possible antisocial or self-destructive behaviour tomorrow. A comprehensive, everyday educative programme set up by an experienced and skilled team of educators and psychologists is the most coherent way to give structure and learning experiences to those children who are most deprived of them. And this action is targeted at 6-to-12 year-olds, it is vital to take action before the problems faced by at-risk youth have escalated to the point of no return.

Stockholm-based Fryshuset is more than just a house. It is a vision based on the belief that humanity and justice can only be achieved through commitment, encouragement, self-esteem and enthusiasm gained from real life encounters and experiences. Fryshuset is packed with activities and people from all sectors of society. Young people mix with grown-ups in order to participate, contribute and learn. Fryshuset offers the chance to meet and share passionate interests, as well as engage in social commitment, sports, entertainment, culture and innovative educational programs. Fryshuset has something for everybody.

Drawing from Fryshuset’s experience and vitality  and from Mission Possible’s  expertise on this age group, a new structure is being set up in Stockholm for 9-to-13 year-olds.

Project IPACY wishes to draw from such initiatives to build networks, identify good practices and help early prevention structures to flourish in all European countries.

One project, three outcomes

The Forum

The kickoff event for the project will be a Forum held in Stockholm in March 2010. Following the success of a first Conference in Paris in 2008, which launched an International Prevention Network, the Forum on Implementing Preventive Actions for Children and Youth invites prevention specialists from all European countries to share their experience. The focus of the Forum is to address the most common problems faced by prevention structures in Europe : identifying tools and  methodology that are most efficient and building successful partnerships with local authorities and institutions.

The expert team

Immediately after the March 2010 Forum, a group of experts will start meeting regularly to follow up on the forum, monitor the progress of the joint Mission Possible/ Fryshuset structure in Stockholm and draw on its experience as a case study to complete a handbook. The expert team will comprise 8 experts from at least 4 member states. « Experts » can be academic scholars working on prevention issues from various standpoints (psychology, education, public policies, law, sociology…), field workers from early prevention structures, or civil servants with an experience in prevention. We aim at representing a wide variety of national contexts and profiles.

Over the course of 15 months, the expert team will meet « in person » six times (2-to-3-day sessions), mainly in Stockholm and Paris (and perhaps in other cities where partner structures can be visited). The team will also communicate electronically via a protected server.

The handbook

The team’s main outcome will be a manual for early prevention structures, listing possible pitfalls and how to avoid them, publicizing good methods and resources that can be used, and generally giving step-by-step advice to budding early prevention structures in Europe.

This handbook can be disseminated through an Internet website and/or as a printed manual, according to the needs assessed by the expert team.

Become an IPACY partner !

There’s more than one way…

Forum partners

We are looking for partner/promoter structures for the Stockholm Forum in March 2010. Such partners are welcome to help us with the Forum in a variety of ways :

– Identifying  possible speakers from all European countries.

– Providing feedback on the provisionary programme.

– Moderating one of the roundtables.

– Translating and disseminating the invitation inside their own country and/or language area.

Mission Possible and Fryshuset are non-profit. No financial gain is expected from the Forum. However, the organisational costs will be paid for by Mission Possible, including travel and accommodation expenses for the speakers.

Expert team partners

The expert team will rely on a small network of committed partners who are willing to take on a rather time-consuming, but eventually extremely productive, task.

– Keep track of existing early prevention structures in Europe, their methods, the problems they face ;

– Help monitor the Stockholm structure and others to exchange suggestions and comments based on their experience

– Participate in all 6 meetings in Stockholm and Paris. Each meeting will be a 2-to-3-day working session, the working language being English.

– Help draft all necessary documents (preliminary and final report, handbook) according to a work plan set up by the expert team.

Travel and accommodation  expenses will be taken care of. The handbook should be completed no later than June, 2011.

Financial partners

IPACY is an ambitious project, led by grassroots organisations to help in a very concrete way early prevention structures all over Europe. Developping social prevention, especially for the young, is crucial if we want to give underprivileged children of Europe the hope of a better future ; and if we want our societies to develop more humane ways of dealing with antisocial or self-destructive behaviour among our youth.

If your institution or foundation is interested and can help face the costs involved by this project, please do not hesitate to contact us recherche.mp@free.fr to discuss possible partnerships further !


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